Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a critical concern for Franklin Energy and its service providers, including PlanetEcosystems, Inc. Except as set forth in the Privacy Policy, under no circumstances will Franklin Energy and its service providers sell or share any personal information about you to or with any other person or organization except: as expressly authorized by you or as may be required by law or court order. This Privacy Policy, as set forth below, describes the standards we adhere to in handling information about you, your property, and your use of any of the Service. Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning ascribed to such term in the Terms of Service.

1. Information Collected

Personal Information

This website may prompt a user of the Service, depending on the user’s actions and requests, for personal or secure login information. For example, when a user attempts to store updates to their property characteristics or to save their on-line project files for later retrieval, the necessary information to create or access a password-protected account for that user may be requested. Additionally, when such an active account user requests and authorizes project files or other information to be released to one or more third-party vendors, the user may be prompted to provide more personal information for the purpose of facilitating such contact with those vendors.

Examples of the types of personal and property-related information that our website may collect include:

1. Email Address(es)

2. Account User Name(s)

3. Personal Password(s)

4. Names

5. Site or Property Address(es)

6. Contact Phone Number(s)

7. Type and Physical Characteristics of Buildings on Site or Property

8. Tax Lot or Other Property Identifying Information

9. Property Use Characteristics

10 .Size of Site or Property

Technical information

We collect and track certain technical information to promote a beneficial experience. We may also use technical information to store your preferences and make future visits to this website quicker for you.

1. Cookies – a cookie is a small file stored on a user’s computer that contains information about the user. We use either session ID cookies (which terminate once a browser is closed) or persistent cookies (which are small text files stored on a user’s hard drive for an extended period of time). Cookies allow us to understand how and when you use our website, but they cannot be used to track personal information such as email address or phone number. Cookies also allow us to store the personal preferences that you set during each visit to our sites which can speed up your future visits.

2. Log files – This website uses log files to track how it is being accessed and used. Log files track anonymous user information such as IP addresses, browser types, Internet service providers, referring and exit pages, platform type, date and time stamps, and number of clicks to, from, and within our sites. Web logs are tracked only on Provider servers and those of our service providers and do not place anything on your computer.

2. How Your Information is Used

We may share your information with our service providers. You expressly consent to the sharing of your information with our service providers for the sole purpose of providing services to you.

How we share some information with contractors

When you submit your information to this website and you authorize and request that it is shared with contractors and/or vendors, your information is used to match you with, and is transmitted to, contractors and/or vendors who you specifically select who can best serve your needs to facilitate their direct contact with you.

How we internally use technical information to improve performance

This website uses technical information such as cookies and web logs to understand how our websites are being used and their effectiveness in promoting energy demand reduction and water efficiency. We can also use cookies to retain your preferences so that when you return to this website, you can navigate more easily without having to re-enter certain information. Additionally, by analyzing the data that cookies and web logs provide, we can determine how to improve our web sites and outreach campaigns to better serve those using this website.

Vendor Communications

By submitting information to this website and by expressly selecting specific contractors and/or vendors through this website, you consent to those contractors and/or vendors contacting you using the contact information you may have provided. In order to stop such communications, you must contact those contractors and/or vendors directly and request that they stop communicating with you.

If you decide to communicate with, and/or purchase products and/or services from any contractor and/or vendor selected by you and who contacted you as a result of an introduction by this website, all further communications with those contractors and/or vendors are not covered under this policy. You should thoroughly read the Privacy Policy of each contractor and/or vendor you select for an introduction in order to make sure that you are comfortable with their policies.