Green Button Connect Vendors

Sign up to be a Green Button Connect Vendor to request, access, and manage utility customers’ data. Customers grant data access to many different third-parties through our site.

What is Green Button?

Green Button Connect allows third party vendors to access interval data for electricity and gas usage. Through the vendor portal, vendor admin can download data, manage their customers list, and send customer personalized results of their services.

Why Green Button?


Green Button Customers provide utility data to applications to gain personalized reocmmendations for sizing solar systems, fuel switching, electric vehicles, etc


Green Button Vendors can collect energy usage data in a common format, promote their services and platforms, and manage thei customers and data.

How Does Green Button Work? (for Vendors)

1. Register as a vendor
2. Wait for customers to sign up for your products or services
3. Sign into the vendor portal and download usage data